Friday, May 10, 2013

Dojo TabContainer Tab select ContentPane reload

The usual way to implement a TabContainer is to define a ContentPane as tab childs. When a tab is selected and if you want the ContentPane to reload everytime the tab is selected then you need to specify the refreshOnShow property of ContentPane to true.

 var tc = new TabContainer(  
     style: "height: 100%; width: 100%;"  
 }, "tc1-prog");  
  var cp2 = new ContentPane(  
     title: "First Tab",  
     href: "page1.html",      
  var cp2 = new ContentPane({  
     title: "Second Tab",  
     href: "page2.html",   
     refreshOnShow: true     

In this case when "Second Tab" is selected, it refreshes every time. Refresh basically calls the dojo ready function on the page same as when loading the page using F5. "First tab" on the other hand will only load the first time its selected and will not refresh in later selects

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