Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Amazon AWS Service Status

AWS currently does not provide an API to query service status. They only provide a health dashboard webpage. Although the page has RSS feed capability, I couldn't detect any specific pattern to watch for. This simple solution below works for now. We have created nagios monitoring out of these one liners

status0 = OK
status2 = Performance Issues
status3 = ERROR

The service and region name below is literally as is from the web page.

wget -qO- "http://status.aws.amazon.com/" | grep -B 1 "Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (N. California)" | head -n 1 |
perl -n -e 'm/images\/([\s\S]+?)\.gif/ && {print "$1\n"}'


wget -qO- "http://status.aws.amazon.com/" | grep -B 1 "Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (N. Virginia)" | head -n 1 |
perl -n -e 'm/images\/([\s\S]+?)\.gif/ && {print "$1\n"}'


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