Sunday, May 02, 2010

Fluid app when signin opens default browser

I am big fan of Fluid and use it for creating apps for most of my email/social sites. I have also one created for Campfire which I use to communicate with my team. Recently my Campfire app stopped working (not sure if this happened after I upgraded to newer Fluid version or whether the Campfire dev started using a single signon servide ) in the sense then when I click on 'Signin' it was opening my default browser and forwarding me to "". On further googling found that this was happening because the campfire fluid app did not have permission to allow other site domains meaning the signin process was forwarding to a different domain than the campfire specific domain. For instance my campfire domain is "" and signin would redirect to "" for authentication. To make it work all it needed was to set the app permission to allow browsing to other domains and that made it work.

Go to fluid app -> preferences -> Advanced and enable the below option

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